Frugal Living Tips

I consider myself a minimalist, starting the journey. I am also naturally very frugal which I think is helpful on this path. Today I want to share with you all, some of my tips for frugal living. I’m going to add 10 at a time, so as not to overwhelm you or I!


  1. Squeeze every last drop out of that tube, if necessary cut it in half. You’d be amazed how much is left at the bottom of a tube of moisturiser or toothpaste!
  2. When you get to the bottom of your liquid soap, add a tiny bit of water. That helps to get it all out and doesn’t dilute it too much.
  3. Cook from scratch- you will always pay less for raw ingredients. Please, please don’t buy ready meals- they’re full of rubbish like excess salt and sugar.
  4. Make do and mend. Learn how to sew, so you can darn that sock or glove, or sew a button back on!
  5. Use a scoop to measure out your washing powder- most companies will even send you one for free!
  6. Learn how to do basic DIY, like putting a bolt on a door or hanging shelves.
  7. Always search around for the best prices (I think I’ll do another blog post on this soon), but there are lots of internet search engines to help you
  8. Join up to coupon sites, like
  9. Join up to
  10. Share things with others, or join a local swaps/ share group. This can really save you money on big items you might not use that often, like drills or lawnmowers.

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