OMG- How much stuff do we still have?!



This is our stuff. It isn’t even all of it- I still haven’t finished packing. It doesn’t even include the furniture. (You can ignore the table and the piano in view, as these aren’t ours and will be staying at the property after we leave. But still OMG- 50 boxes and counting. Most of which we wouldn’t notice if we didn’t have. I just can’t believe after a couple of months of purging stuff, we still have so much. After we move, I need to be more far more ruthless about getting rid of things. Beware- it’s so deceptive, until you box it all up- you can hide stuff in cupboards and drawers. Just because we are moving, I do not intend to stop minimizing!

2 thoughts on “OMG- How much stuff do we still have?!

  1. similar to your experience, now I find myself wary of buying shelf because of the horror of having too much stuff. Now all my things are still in suitcases. I use them straight from there, that way, I know what I have and resist buying more. The only problem is it can create ugly unorganized scene. Yet, the solution is simple. If I have guess over, I zip my suitcase and put them neatly in a corner.

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