Take your time

Minimising is a slow process, at least is has been for me. I think it is best to take this slow- it’s like any other life change- slow= sustainable. If you were trying to lose weight from your body, then your best results would come from making small changes, over time and being able to keep these up. I think minimising is like losing weight- emotionally and spiritually. Although weirdly you’re losing physical weight too- in the form of possessions!

When you are exercising, there comes a point when you hit ‘the wall’ where you just run out of energy. It’s a like a physical and mental barrier that you have to push through. You always hear marathon runners talking about it. I feel like I’ve just done that with minimising. I look around and I want to get rid of more stuff and I know I could, but it’s becoming hard. I have read other bloggers talking about when it becomes harder to get rid of stuff because of emotional attachments. It was a gift, it has been handed down through generations of my family, it was free, I might need it someday- so many reasons.

I have actually sold my wedding dress this week- I mean, it’s not like I was ever going to wear it again! It was destined to sit in a cupboard, becoming ever more dated and probably getting eaten by moths and yellowing eventually. Far better to give a bride-to-be the dress of her life, re-coup half of what I spent on it (making it actually quite a thrifty purchase) and reclaim half my wardrobe which is currently occupied by an item I can never wear again. My bank balance is thanking me for selling it whilst it was still current too! However, I know I am going to have a hard time emotionally letting go of it. I’m going to try it on one last time, get my husband to take one last photo and gaze at it longingly for just a little bit longer. And then I’m going to move on. It’s not like I haven’t got plenty of pictures and I have barely looked at it in the two years since our wedding.


So I’d love to hear any tips for pushing through ‘the wall’. What items have you had a hard time letting go of?

One thought on “Take your time

  1. Good Luck in your Endeavors! We are also beginning a journey to downsize and live a simpler life in a very tiny space. Perhaps we should compare notes along the way. I have a feeling we are going to need all the moral support we can find.
    -k- of k&p Catalano
    We’d Love it if you Followed along on our Quest!!!
    ‘♩♬♪♪♫♩Wouldn’t you like to be a PIBBER too?♩♬♪♪♫♩’

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