Could minimalism save us from a world crisis?

I genuinely feel that in the UK and the rest of the world, we’re on the brink of a massive crisis. It will all be tied up with the World Economy.

When I’ve been listening to the radio or watching television, over the past week- one thing has stuck out like a sore thumb for me. People talk about women needing to work or salaries needing to keep rising because they need to maintain their way of life. How absurd is that? But we all know this is what the majority of the population do- work to pay a mortgage, for Sky TV, to have 2 cars, to have the holidays abroad.


I think that we need to start becoming minimalist as a society and embracing the way of life that our Grandparents knew.

  • They saved rags and made rag rugs from them or used them for dirty jobs around the house
  • They didn’t waste any food
  • They cooked their own meals from scratch
  • They used things like white vinegar to clean with
  • They grew their own food in gardens and allotments
  • They sewed their own clothes
  • They knitted their own jumpers
  • They knew how to make do and mend
  • They saved up for the bigger purchases in life, they didn’t put it all on a credit card
  • They had one holiday a year, in the UK
  • They knew how to entertain themselves- they didn’t go to the cinema, bowling or eat out often

Let’s face it- you’d have less clothes if you had to take the time to make them yourself. #Minimalist tip no 1

Which minimalist tips have been passed down to you?

One thought on “Could minimalism save us from a world crisis?

  1. My parents lived through the great depression, and were always frugal thereafter. They re-used and recycled and composted all before it was fashionable. When I re-use a piece of foil or plastic wrap I think I’m keeping it out of the landfill a little longer, but they did it for a different kind of conservation. I think you’re right: the more conscious we are of what we use, the better.

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