Could Minimalism change the world?

I really think it could/ can! It’s not like it’s a new concept. It’s that we all need to learn something that we once knew. We need to recognise that we’re being seduced by consumerism for a start. If you’re reading this, then I reckon you’re probably there already!

Imagine this….if we consume less….we waste less. Let’s take a few examples here- this means that some poor person in the third world doesn’t have to dispose of your old computers and be exposed to the toxic effects of this. If you’re not sending so much stuff to landfill, that’s better for the environment. You’re better off because you have more money in your pocket. You have less stuff in your house, so you feel better- physically and emotionally. You can give away more- stuff, money, time because you’ve freed up these aspects of your life.

If we eat seasonally, we don’t pollute the planet with carbon etc from air miles. We support producers local to us or forage for free. This should mean that fairtrade is in operation, instead of some poor person in another country not getting paid enough. If you buy reduced food from supermarkets, you’re stopping it being put in the bin.

If you employ the principle of buying quality items, rather than cheap- hopefully children aren’t working in sweat shops in India making your clothes. Maybe it will even bring industry back to the UK? Your clothes will last longer and you no longer believe in the invention that is ‘fashion’.

I’d love to hear your comments about any other benefits of minimalism you can think of.


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