Eating the contents of the freezer and cupboards

I’m applying minimalism to every area of my life, step-by-step. I’m currently eating the contents of my freezer and cupboards. My primary motivation is because we are moving house in about a month and we have to empty the fridge and freezer or throw/ give this food away. The budget conscious person in me means that we are trying to eat most of it ourselves. We’ve gone for almost the entire month of June and spent about £80 on food. Our usual budget is £160! Wow- what a  lot of food we have squirreled away! I think we can keep going for at least another fortnight. I am obviously still buying fresh items like fruit and vegetables or milk as needed.

I was brought up with the belief that you should always have one more of something in the cupboard, in-case you run out. Whilst this is good if you suddenly get sick or the weather turns bad and you can’t make it to the shops. It makes for an awful lot of clutter in the cupboards. It also means there is the potential to waste more food because you can’t eat it all before it expires.

Once we have moved, I really want to be more intentional about what goes into my food cupboards. I like the idea of applying minimalism to this area of life. Although, I could not go as far as some people and eat the same food repetitively until it is finished. My husband could! I get bored of food after a couple of days.

For economy’s sake, I also tend to make batches of food and freeze it. This saves on fuel bills, time and makes for some quick and easy meals if we are working late. Whilst I don’t intend to stop doing this- once we move we will live within walking distance of a supermarket, something I’ve never had before! So potentially, I will be able to do smaller shops more often and only buy what we need.  I will also aim to try and buy seasonal and local produce more often, so that I am paying less and not contributing to food miles etc. It’s all about balance.


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