An old miser?

Today I made my first conscious decision not to bring excess stuff into my house. Well, my new house- you see we’re renovating it at the moment. During the course of the DIY, it became apparent that we would need a bucket. I knew I had seen one in the shed, so I commented on this to a family member. They promptly tried to persuade me to buy a new bucket, then I could have one for indoors tasks and one for outdoors tasks! I pondered the logic of their suggestion, it kind of made sense. But so did my argument, that I could have one bucket for everything- inside and out and just wash it out in-between! So I stuck to my guns, saying I didn’t want to pay out for a new bucket when I already had a perfectly good one. My family member called me an old miser. I’d like to think I’m an old mini-miser! 😉

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