Minimalist gift-giving

It occurs to me, as I sort through items a) just how much stuff I have squirreled away in cupboards and drawers that I never use. And b) just how many of those items are gifts- things that people have given me or I have ‘won’ from work or Freecycled to me and I have never actually used. I suppose that I must have been holding onto them because of a feeling that I ought to. Even if I didn’t like the item, or wouldn’t use it. You feel so ungrateful if you dispose of it straightaway. You think you ought to hold on to it in-case they come round to your house. It seems such a crazy burden of obligation to carry! I’ve decided it’s time to rid myself of this kind of weight.

Which leads me on to thinking about gift giving occasions. How do you approach this as a minimalist? How do you convey your new ideals to friends and family? I have family members who will flatly ignore my lists of useful items that I actually want and give me useless items that I already have multiples of. I have even tried requesting no presents, but of course- family don’t want to adopt that protocol. What are suitable gifts for a minimalist? I was wondering whether vouchers might be a good suggestion in future? Maybe even something as mundane as supermarket vouchers, so you can take care of your grocery bills for a while?

P.S. I took 2 giant bags to the charity shop today- it feels good to have that stuff gone. Tonight I have listed some furniture on eBay because I no longer have need of it- now my stuff has gone! I am sure that I will notice a big difference with these big pieces gone! I am looking forward to feeling lighter and lighter, as the weight of my possessions is gone and so, the responsibility that goes with that.

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