Paring down your belongings

It’s a strange thing, even though I’m aware I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff already. It barely feels like I’ve made a dent in my stuff! I guess that shows how much stuff I had around, that I wasn’t using. Or maybe I’m expecting too much too soon. I’ve cleared shelves from a book shelf, but yet to shed enough stuff to get rid of a whole bookshelf.

This week I’ve really been focusing my effort- mostly through using eBay. I normally do 10 day listings to get the maximum amount of exposure for my money. But it seems like such a slow process when you are trying to get rid of stuff. 7 days has been working much better for me and it also means I’ve been able to get listings ending on a good day- like the weekend, when more people are watching.

I’ve also just sent a load of books to a trade-in site. I’ve been playing around with this idea for weeks now, but as most trade-in values are less than you can get yourself- I’ve been trying Amazon Marketplace and eBay first. I’m pleased with the results and feel like I’ve achieved the maximum possible amount of money for my stuff.

I’ve also begun taking the advice of some other bloggers and removing 5 items a week from my wardrobe to sell. I think I sold 3 of the 5 last week. I guess the trouble with needing to sell as much stuff as possible, is that it is hanging around in my closet for longer. And, if it doesn’t sell then it’s there for longer whilst I re-list it or try other avenues. This is where giving items away is fairly instant. I am beginning to understand the attraction of Freecycle or charity shops. You can make that decision that it’s going and take it, there and then. A snap decision, no going back, no regrets, it’s done.

Still I’m doing this at my pace. For me, this is a big life change. It’s not just stuff- it’s the emotional side that goes with having stuff and getting rid of it. I’m a very sentimental kind of person and I’m not good at either change or letting go of things. Maybe these are lessons I need to learn? Maybe this process is therapeutic?

One thought on “Paring down your belongings

  1. I’ve had to be minimalist at various times in my life due to travel, living communally, lodging etc. So, it happened as a result of other choices rather than being a conscious choice. However, it became a way of life for a time. Knowing that you can live quite successfully with far less stuff than you previously thought you could is incredibly freeing. 
    In emigrating I’ve had to do it all over again. It is s positive end result, although difficult as a process. I’m quite sentimental too, and not minimalist by nature.
    I think I would say it is worth the discomfort, though. Trying to organise clutter (for that is what it really is) is stressful and a waste of time.

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